Does My Child Need A Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extractions, sometimes also referred to as having teeth “pulled”, are necessary when a tooth is injured, cracked, infected, or has a defect which makes it impossible to save the tooth. Extractions might also be necessary in some cases when two or more teeth are crowded too tightly together. In this article, we’ll talk more about the circumstances in which children may require tooth extraction!

Why Would My Child Need A Tooth Extraction?

Parents often wonder why their child would need a tooth extraction when their baby teeth are just going to fall out anyway. While it’s true that kids will eventually lose their baby teeth, most children won’t finish losing all their baby teeth until they are between ages of 9-12. Kids who have dental problems before that shouldn’t suffer waiting for those teeth to fall out, which is why having one or more teeth pulled could be necessary. Some of the most common reasons why kids may need a tooth extraction include:


When cavities are left untreated they will eventually destroy the tooth. Even though the baby tooth is eventually going to fall out anyway, removing the tooth before the cavity gets to the nerve will save your child a lot of pain!


When cavities, cracks in the tooth, and plaque are not taken care of, they can lead to oral infections. Children who have oral infections may have swelling, pain, sore gums, and be unable to eat comfortably. If the infection spreads, it can affect the growth of their adult teeth. Infections may also spread to the jawbone and affect the development of the jaw. In severe cases, oral infections can also spread to other parts of the body, creating a serious health risk. If your child has an infected tooth, a tooth extraction and treatment with antibiotics may be necessary.

Broken Teeth

If your child has a broken tooth or broken teeth due to an accident, it’s best to remove that tooth. Extracting it will prevent infection and other oral health problems in the long run.


Children often experience dental crowding if their teeth don’t come in straight. If baby teeth are crowded together, they may cause adult teeth to come in crooked or bent. Removing the baby teeth can make space so that the adult teeth come in straight.

The Risks Of Not Getting A Tooth Extraction

Parents are often hesitant to put their child through the process of a tooth extraction. While this is understandable, an extraction can prevent serious health problems, deformed adult teeth, and other problems. To ensure that your child has a beautiful, healthy smile that will last a lifetime, tooth extractions are sometimes necessary!

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