Dental Crowns With Gentle Dental

A dental crown is essentially a cap that is placed over a damaged or decayed tooth. The crown is used to restore the shape and functionality of a tooth, as well as protect it. There are several different options available to you for the material of your crown – metal, porcelain, composite resin, and ceramic. Dental crowns are long lasting and don’t require any special care other than a good oral hygiene routine: brushing and flossing daily!

When Is A Dental Crown Necessary?

Dental crowns are solutions for teeth that are damaged or decayed beyond the repair capabilities of a filling. Some common reasons why a dental crown is necessary include weakened or cracked teeth from decay, broken or worn down teeth, teeth with large fillings due to cavities, teeth that have had root canals, and teeth that are discolored or misshapen. Dental crowns are sometimes also used for holding dental bridges in place and covering dental implants.

The Process of Getting a Dental Crown

Dental crowns generally take two visits to our dentist office to complete. On your first visit, x-rays will be taken of the tooth and mouth in order to assess the problem. If the tooth needing the crown is at risk for infection due to decay or damage, a root canal procedure may be required before the crown is put on your tooth. If no root canal is needed, the tooth will be filed down in order to create the space needed for the crown to fit over the top of it. After shaping the tooth, an impression will be made which will ensure that the crown will fit correctly and won’t affect your bite. The impression will then be sent to a dental lab where the custom crown will be created, and you’ll be given a temporary crown in the meantime. On your second visit to our office, your temporary crown will be removed, and your permanent crown will be put in place using a special dental cement. The crown will then be colored to match the rest of your natural teeth, and just like that you’ll once again have a perfect smile that you can be proud of!


Root Canal

Often crowns are needed after a root canal. In order for a root canal to be done, part of the tooth needs to be removed to give access to the root.

Dental Bridges

Crowns are often needed on the anchor teeth used in a dental bridge. Each tooth will receive a dental crown in order to hold the false tooth or teeth within the bridge.

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