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Dental Implant FAQ's

Of course not. The consultation is completely free of charge. We are limited in how many consultations we can schedule during any given period – so make sure to schedule yours as soon as possible.


Yes, ask our office about financing options or payment plans.
Dental implants are great for people if you are missing a tooth or teeth. It's really up to you when it comes to how confident you want to feel with your smile, but when it comes to your oral health an implant can be imperative. Kind of like Jenga, leaving an empty space in your mouth can cause an unstable environment. You can experience bone loss and your other remaining teeth to decay..


Your teeth affect everything – from your smile and confidence, to your ability to eat, speak and participate in everyday activities. There is no better option to restore missing teeth. As a permanent restoration, dental implants are an ideal investment in your oral health.

Our wonderful staff will work with you to see if your insurance company will cover the dental implant procedure. If for any reason it’s not covered, we will let you know and will work with you to develop a financial plan if needed. Our patients often tell us that it’s completely worth the investment of their time and money to permanently replace their missing teeth with dental implants.

Nothing lasts forever, but for most patients 45 years or older a dental implant will last for life. The implant itself won’t typically need replacement but the crown or cap placed on the appliance may need restoration or replacement every 10-15 years.

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