How To Prevent Bad Breath

Bad breath can be a temporary or chronic issue for millions of people in the United States. This issue can be caused by an underlying condition, medications, or issues with an individual’s dental hygiene regimen. There are several habits that patients should practice to help them prevent bad breath. These simple habits also have the potential to strengthen teeth, improve gum health, and result in healthier smiles. The following guide will provide all the information that patients need to prevent bad breath!

The Importance of Water 

It’s important to drink water throughout the day to keep your mouth clean and healthy. Water helps wash food particles off the teeth. If these particles are left on the teeth they have the potential to become plaque. Plaque eventually calcifies, becoming tartar. This hardened plaque will then not come off the teeth unless scraped off by a dentist. Drinking plenty of water will help patients avoid this issue.  

Adequate Brushing and Flossing 

The majority of people admit to spending less time or effort than they should on their dental hygiene regimen. It is important not to rush the process and to brush a minimum of 2 times a day.  

Other Tips Include: 

  • Brush in circular motions. 
  • Get between every tooth and replace dental floss often. 
  • Replace your toothbrush when the bristles become frayed, broken, or at a maximum of 3 months.  
  • Use a good mouthwash to prevent gingivitis.  

You should also choose to use an electric toothbrush for more thorough cleaning. If you choose to use a manual brush, be sure that the bristles are soft or extra soft to ensure that they are not too abrasive on the gums. 

Regular Cleanings 

Regular cleaning performed by a skilled dental specialist is a critical component in bad breath prevention. Dental providers can detect issues in the mouth, including gum disease, decay, and other problems that have the potential to cause bad breath. Regular cleanings also help prevent the build up of tartar and stains that can affect the teeth. You should have your teeth cleaned a minimum of twice a year. Check with your insurance provider to learn more about your available coverage. 

Bad Breath Won’t Go Away 

Some individuals suffer from cases of bad breath that are extremely difficult to treat on their own. These cases may require the assistance of a dental professional to evaluate, identify, and treat the underlying cause.  

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