Teeth Whitening With Gentle Dental

Having bright white teeth is one of the things that many of our patients desire most. The best way to keep your teeth looking their best is to practice daily oral hygiene – brushing your teeth twice per day, and flossing at least once a day! The good news is that if your teeth have gotten to a point where they’re discolored or yellowing, we can get them back to looking good-as-new! So, whether you’re looking to whiten your teeth for a special event or you just want to be more confident in your smile, Gentle Dental is here to help with our professional teeth whitening service!

Professional Teeth Whitening Process

While many people try do-it-yourself products for whitening their teeth, the best way to ensure that you’ll see results is by getting a professional teeth whitening from Gentle Dental. Our most common approach to teeth whitening, which is determined on a case-by-case basis, is to use a custom mixture of dental grade whitening products. This mixture is then placed in a custom fit mold that fits over your teeth. The whitening products will then bleach out the yellow stains on your teeth, making them pearly-whites once again! Professional teeth whitening generally lasts two to three years, much longer than the effects of do-it-yourself teeth whitening methods. We also offer our patients professional strength whitening strips that can be purchased from our offices, then used anytime at home. 

Is Professional Teeth Whitening Right For Me?

Professional teeth whitening is an excellent solution for teeth that have been yellowed over time, but it doesn’t work quite as well on teeth that have turned brown or grey from decay and rot. For these situations, a better solution may be to consider dental veneers which work as a cosmetic fix for teeth that are chipped, uneven, or severely discolored. 


Cosmetic Dental Services

Our dental team is the first line in defensive to address oral cancer. Oral cancer screening is a necessary and preventative step that is critical to one’s overall health.

clear aligners

clear aligners are a great way to handle crooked teeth or teeth with large gaps. clear aligners are often preferred over traditional braces because they are removable.

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I contacted Gentle Dental with an unexpected dental issue and they fit me in within the hour! The staff, from receptionist to the doctor, was so awesome! What a wonderful dental office and experience. They are extremely caring and professional. I highly recommend them! They rate all 5’s in my book!

Evelyn S.