Your Local Family Dentistry

At Gentle Dental, we take care of the daily needs of you and your family. These include preventative, restorative, pediatric, and emergency services.

Our team of dentists are dedicated to your family’s oral health. By providing regular checkups and cleanings we can help you and your kids stay healthy and prevent tooth decay.

Comprehensive Care

We offer full-service dentistry which includes comprehensive examinations from the warmest Maine dental team. Our comprehensive examinations will ensure your dental needs are met and address problems before they arrive. We will evaluate your overall health and oral hygiene and discuss any factors that may be contributing. We recommend an exam every six-months to ensure your overall health and hygiene are at the highest level.


Professional Cleanings

We recommend a routine cleaning every six-months. Professional cleanings are a critical diagnostic and preventative step to oral health and overall well-being. A professional cleaning will remove plaque and tartar, polish your teeth, remove stains, and prevent harmful gum and mouth diseases.



Oral Cancer Screening

Our dental team is the first line in defensive to address oral cancer. Oral cancer screening is a necessary and preventative step that is critical to one’s overall health.


While brushing and flossing are the two most important factors to prevent cavities, we offer dental sealants which protects your teeth from the harmful bacteria that cause cavities. Sealants act as a raincoat, in which they coat your teeth acting as a shield from harmful bacteria. Sealant is a completely painless procedure that only takes a few minutes.

Emergency Dentistry

We provide emergency dental care to those in need. When you need us most, we are here. If you have a dental emergency like a chipped/broken/knocked out tooth; give us a call and we will set up an appointment at the nearest available location.

Pediatric Dentistry

To repair an especially damaged tooth, ordinary care and fillings may not be enough. We offer treatment that will improve both the appearance and function of a tooth.

Real Clients, Real Stories

My entire family uses Gentle Dental! They have a bright, friendly atmosphere and are equipped to serve customers of all ages. They have been extremely patient and understanding with my toddlers aversion to doctors offices and helped her feel comfortable to the point where she is excited to visit their office now. They were a positive upgrade from my prior dentist.

Shannon S.