What Is A Leaky Filling?

A “leaky filling” is a term that refers to a situation where a dental filling partially lifts off the tooth. Dental fillings are a solution for cavities, one of the most common dental problems. Cavities are little holes that develop in teeth as a result of decay. Dental fillings are used to fill these minuscule holes, but problems can arise if the filling is unintentionally removed or becomes “leaky”. Leaky fillings happen when the seal between a filling and a tooth breaks, allowing food, water, saliva, and bacteria to once again enter the cavity and be trapped under the filling. Leaky fillings are often caused by the filling being worn down over time.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Leaky Filling?

Leaky fillings can be painful and make your tooth extremely sensitive, causing headaches and uncomfortable feelings in your mouth. Some common symptoms of a leaky filling include sensitivity to hot or cold food & drinks, noticeable holes under a filling, toothaches, headaches, pain while chewing, and even bad breath. Amalgam fillings are typically more likely to become leaky than composite fillings because composite creates a stronger bond between the tooth and filling. If you believe you have a leaky filling, you should speak to your dentist as soon as possible to avoid further damage & decay!

How To Treat A Leaky Filling

The sooner a leaky filling is noticed and diagnosed, the better! Unfortunately, there is no real way to treat a leaky filling on your own. Instead, you should speak to your dentist, who will diagnose the problem and likely recommend a filling replacement. To do this, your dentist will remove the leaky filling, clean out the cavity, then replace the filling with a newer composite or amalgam filling. This is a routine procedure and should be relatively quick and painless! If leaky fillings are left untreated for an extended period of time, decay can build up and may eventually require a root canal.

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