Is Water Flossing More Effective Than String Flossing?

A water flosser is a portable device that uses water streams to clean and remove food particles from the teeth. This dental instrument also removes plaque from the spaces between the teeth, making it a great alternative to traditional string flossing. Although string floss is commonly used to remove food remnants from your teeth, some may argue that water flossing is easier, more comfortable, and more convenient. In this article, we’ll talk about the pros and cons of water flossing to help you make an informed decision on whether or not you should use a water flosser over traditional string floss!  

Pros of Water Flossers


Studies have shown that water flossers can clean plaque and food particles off your teeth and gums just as effectively as string floss. Water flossers can also go the extra mile to remove the plaque below the gumline. The plaque below the gumline can create an environment for bacteria growth, which can eventually lead to gum disease and other oral health problems. For this reason, water flossers can be more effective at keeping your teeth and gums in good condition!

Gentle Touch

Water flossers are more gentle than their string floss counterparts! With a water flosser, streams of water will go between the teeth to remove plaque, while string flossers require you to be more aggressive by jamming the string into the small gaps between your teeth. For this reason, water flossers can reduce the bleeding and inflammation that can be caused by string floss.

Ease of Use

Water flossers’ automatic operations make them easier to use. You don’t have to work through each and every tooth like you do with a piece of string floss; the water streams will do the work for you.

Cons of Water Flossers

Relatively Expensive

A water flosser is more expensive compared to string flossers. These flossers are machines that require batteries, maintenance, and care in handling. You also need to refill the water. All these components make the flosser more expensive than traditional string floss.


While water flossers are fairly small and simple machines, they are considerably more bulky than an average box of string floss. Some of them are also not battery operated and need to be plugged in, so you must be close to an electrical outlet in order to use them. This makes water flossers less portable, making them harder to use on-the-go .

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