What Are The Differences Between Simple & Surgical Tooth Extractions?

A tooth extraction is a dental procedure that is commonly known as getting a tooth “pulled”. Tooth extractions may be necessary for a wide variety of reasons, but are most commonly needed when one or more teeth have become damaged, infected, or badly decayed. Tooth extractions may also be necessary when the mouth is overcrowded, causing teeth to become impacted or misaligned. If a tooth extraction is necessary but is not done, it could lead to other serious oral health problems like damage to the gums & jaw bone, bite misalignment, and further damage to your smile. When it comes to extracting a tooth, there are two main methods: simple and surgical extractions. In this article, we’ll talk about the differences between these two tooth extraction methods and the cases in which one or the other may be necessary!

Simple Tooth Extractions

Simple tooth extractions are used when the tooth that needs to be pulled is visible above the gumline and accessible to the dentist. The dentist will typically use dental forceps to grasp the tooth and an elevator to loosen the tooth, allowing the dentist to remove the tooth by simply applying some steady pressure. For these types of extractions, a local anesthetic will typically be used to numb the area around the tooth that is being targeted in order to make the patient more comfortable throughout the procedure.

Surgical Tooth Extractions

A surgical tooth extraction is a slightly more complicated procedure that is necessary when the tooth is not visible or is impacted below the gumline. Surgical extractions will require the dentist to make a small incision into the gum so that they can access the tooth. Depending on some other circumstances, the dentist may also need to remove a small amount of gum tissue or bone in order to successfully extract the entire tooth. For these types of extractions, a general anesthetic is typically used, which will put you to sleep for the duration of the procedure so you don’t feel any pain. For some surgical tooth extractions, your general dentist may refer you to an oral surgeon.

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